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A girl who got lost in a nightmare and, using her own blood, she tried to change it into paradise.
I’m shy, awkward and clumsy. Short somehow-human who loves to hug people but is mostly too insecure to do so. So, cuddles dogs and cats instead.




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What would you change about your body?

I have a couple of things which annoy me on a daily basis about myself, but they're not "severe" as such - they're small problems which are just something natural.

For example, I have some small red bumps on my upper arms - hardly noticeable unless you're looking, but annoying to ME since I'm conscious of them every day.

Does anyone else have small but frustrating things they'd "wish" away if they could?
I have an limp shoulder, my left shoulder is slightly higher than my right one. Although if I never point it out, no one would notice it, but I feel uncomfortable with it. But perhaps this is not what you want to hear about? If it is, then I am sorry.
Dude, stop apologizing for every post!
I actually have a similar problem. I stand kinda crooked and stuff due to a messed up back. It really hurts whenever I lift anything heavy, which I have to do often, living on a farm and all that...
Interesting! I have asymmetrical eyes as well - which are totally unnoticeable until I very explicitly point out what's wrong with them, and then it's very visible. Almost like one of those "spot the old lady" pictures where it's a mind trick - once you can see it you can't see anything else.

We all have strange things about our bodies - but I mean, we're the only ones that notice them for the most part, right?
Moles, tons and tons of moles. Also, I'm very, very skinny no matter how much I eat. I'm pretty weak physically, and that really gets in the way of me getting things done quickly so I can write in my free time.
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I have flat feet. I would change that if I could. That's the only thing I have to complain about.
I wish I could change my nose..I think its too round.
I wouldn't change much. Most people think I look frightening and offputting, but I don't mind that.

I'd definitely change my height though. I'm not done growing, but 5'7 for a male my age is still rather small. I'd want to be like a 6'2 giant or something. But not insanely tall like those people whose upper back I barely come up to. That'd be scary.

I might make my skin a little lighter too.
It'd be cool to be just an iiiiitty bitty bit taller. But those leg-lengthening procedures don't look like they're worth the trouble...
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I want to close my gap. My mom says she thinks gaps are cute. They are cute on some people but I don't like them on myself. When I take Facebook photos I smile or keep a straight face. I son't show my teeth. I'm planning to wear braces. They're so expensive though, like 4-6k+. I want to take good wedding photos in the future. My boyfriend and bestfriend says I don't need it but that doesn't change my mind. Because I'm not doing it for anyone I'm doing it for myself.
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