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A girl who got lost in a nightmare and, using her own blood, she tried to change it into paradise.
I’m shy, awkward and clumsy. Short somehow-human who loves to hug people but is mostly too insecure to do so. So, cuddles dogs and cats instead.


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The Batter
How do you people think society should work?

Is there any set values and beliefs do you think people should have? Any particular form of government, or perhaps limited or none? Any particular religion?

Or... should people be entitled to their own opinion?

Regardless, would anyone like to share what they are?

I, um... not sure if mine matters, and I wouldn't be surprised if people disagreed with them...

Well, um... I guess I'm Atheist/Agnostic and Liberal/Socialist?

I'm not sure, but... I wish people would judge each other less on things like religion and sexual orientation, or whatever else there is and get along more...

I mean, only genuine crimes should be judged right? What harm does being different make?

And um... more than personal beliefs I never really seen or felt definite proof that God or two exists and I wish that didn't matter and that people could take of themselves and support each other...

I think I've heard from someone and read in some places that some people think humans are inherently selfish though, but somehow they found a way to make things work from being more civilized...

Oh yeah, and I've been wondering whether or not people need government actually because of these judgments and people should live more naturally, but then I'm worried about the opposite extreme of people being chaotic rebels impulsively causing problems...

Regardless of that, I found this weird facebook page/website called The Mind Unleashed, and I think people have felt the same way but with a different subject, like wondering why people are forced to be qualified to work and they can't survive for free.

Well... things require more effort in nature though, and there are things like predatory animals and disease, so maybe would still need some things like basic education and medicine, but some things in society seem taught to us to, not something we were born thinking about. I think... it's true, right?

Man, this first post is getting kind of long, huh? Sorry bout that...

So um... yeah... I figured this topic was kind of important though.

What do you'll think?
5w6 4w3 9w8 PhlegmaticMelancholic
The Batter
I guess this post was useless... sorry, I'll try to find something more interesting to post next time, maybe...

How do you feel about this?


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