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Just another soul going on a search here. I'm very shy and get lost in my own thoughts a lot. Describing myself is not my strong suit.


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I'm not really sure where to put this, but with the new Talk system I was wondering if it's better to put it here than on my profile.

What form of media do you people like?

Anime/Manga/Light Novel, Films, Literature, Live-Action TV, Western Animation, etc...? Even RPG Maker, Flash, or Steam?

Any particular genres?

Like... Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, etc...

I like um... mature and serious things, plus mystery I guess.

I guess that's all there is to say about that...

No wait, I guess there's one more.

Sometimes when there's something I really like that I want more of, and sometimes not even that, sometimes even just from liking it a lot, I like to get into fan-fics or fan sequel games or whatever.

I'm wondering if anyone is like that and found any good ones?

So yeah, I guess that's it.
I think I don't have a specific interest?
I do collect anime opening music and listening to them, but I never really watched anime due to the lack of time in my part. I also like to read, perhaps the only genre of reading I never touched is romance, but I don't really hate it, I guess?
I am currently reading a lot of light novels, but I plan to continue reading other books later.
I mostly play RTS games, and that is one of the first genre of games that I touched when I was small, I also started to FPS games now, but the most important aspect that I would consider when playing the game is its story.
I guess sometimes I think of deep things in life, but I don't really know what to get out of these thoughts, and I often times pushes myself to depression just by thinking.
Sorry if this post (?) is too long, but I haven't been on for a long time after the attack (?).
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The Batter
1. LOL. I thought I was the only one who did that. ^^;

Erm... Well, I mostly like RPGs, but I do like a few animes too or the opening songs at least.

Welcome to the NHK's opening is good, and while I never really got into them, Ergo Proxy and Serial Experiments Lain is interesting. I heard SEL even has a real song used for their opening.

As for endings, I think Monster has really interesting ending songs, I forgot they had two. Their both extremely mellow...

2. Oh, I never did get into very many light novels. ^^; I kind of wish I got into Haruhi more, since the anime seemed to have ended abruptly.

I heard the bs of Endless Eight was only in the anime too, the second season was a huge disappointment, but I really liked the movie... and I haven't quite seen many stories like it, where everyone close to the main character somehow forgets them and they got to find a way to fix things before they go crazy/depressed, or it stays like that.

3. Oh, I can't relate to RTS or FPS much, but I do usually play things for the story and characters too. ^^; Of course, the gameplay and music should be good too.

4. Sometimes I wonder if I think too much too, but I don't know... I read a Friedrich Nietschze quote though that says "I still live, I still think; I still live for I still have to think". Something like that. So as long as I have something worthwhile to think about...

Well, I guess it would pay to not focus on any bad memories but sometimes it's hard...
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The Batter
Oh yeah, I forgot to say this too.

5. What attack?
I think I am referring to the one where people would get infected when they looked at other infected account due to a hacker (?). I was one of the victims too :(
I also like to play RPG, but I usually just play flash RPG games, as I can't find a RPG game that can run on PC while I would enjoy playing it at the same time (I don't have an Xbox or PS3).
I do read a lot more books apart from light novels, but the main type of reading for me is currently light novels.
I currently have around more than 300 (I think?) opening music stored in a Google Drive, not quite sure where did I need that much but....

How do you feel about this?


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