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Location: Rayman
I figured it out. Soul Tome on Facebook is up!
It's a closed group so you'll have to send a request, but I check Fb a couple of times a day so it shouldn't take long.

Location: Oceandust
Yeah, I miss it too. Hopefully he'll fix it one day.
Location: Rayman
I'm surprised hadn't thought of this earlier... But does anyone want to continue Soul tome as a private group on Facebook?
I know a lot of you don't use it, but it's just a thought.
Location: Rayman
Same here, I, puny human that I am, cannot hope to understand the complexities of the afterlife or lack thereof.

I was just wondering what you guys thought hell would be like, whether they beleive in it or not.

I guess I'll never know until I kick the bucket and all that.
Now I'm depressed...
Location: Rayman
I was wondering what you guys think hell is.
Personal and uncomfortable topic, I know.
But I wanted to ask anyway.
My hell would be empty.
A big nothing.
No light, no shapes, no sound, no touch.
A great big nothing where I am nothing and everything else is nothing.
This is why people talking about their experiences in sensory deprivation chambers scare the hell (har) out of me. But it's appealing to so many people.
Why is nothing so attractive?

It's what the buddhists strive for.
I don't understand Buddhism, because their "heaven"
is my hell.
Anybody here beleive in Nirvana?
Can you help me understand what you beleive?
Location: Rayman
Iris isn't dead.
I moved on, I almost forgot about her.
Now I find out she isn't dead after all.
Should I go see her?
I thought I might have been falling in love with her.
I thought she was dead.
What is this going to do to me and Meghan?
Iris isn't dead.
And I have no idea what to think now.
Location: Rayman
This comment is private.
Location: Rayman
Thanks for replying! It means a lot!

I've known Meghan for about a year.
Ever since Martine left she's become my best friend gradually.

We were sitting on the couch today, I was playing guitar and I really wanted to tell her then, but my family was all over the place, and they've been taunting me for being "sweet on her" so it wasn't the right place.
We'll go hiking soon. Maybe then...
Location: Rayman
Activity is really low, so I doubt I'll get a response but...
How do I tell a girl that I like her?
I've never done it before... So... I could use some help.
A lot of help.