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Here's the other thing I wanted to say.

2. Stupid Famous Sayings/Religion

Has anyone ever heard of a famous saying or life lesson that actually bothered them for some reason?

For me, I got at least one, and that's "Ignornace is Bliss".

I always prized my self on knowledge and never liked the concept of living a lie, even if it seems comforting... because it's just that, a lie. It's not genuine. Whatever your feeling, living in, how you perceive someone or the world, is not true.

Hopefully, if you do know about it, you could do something to change it, but even if you can't... I don't know.

I think this kind of thing is the message for The Tower card in this thing called Tarot, and all this Arcana stuff, which is also used in the Persona series, in which the second opening of Persona 4: The Animation actually has a line at the end that says "Ignorance is NOT Bliss".

I always loved Atlus and was happy to hear that. :)

The Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole seems pretty unorthodox yet oddly popular now with it's teachings. In the beginning, I think it did reach a lot of controversy though which is why some games apparently were made in Japan Only, so you'd have to find an English Translated Rom and download it illegally to your computer. :p

But like... some of the main games has God (YHVH) or his minions, likely angels, as the final boss, or some concept of Law/Order, yet the series also has three different paths or more, Law, Chaos, and even Neutral, so God may not even be evil and even if he is you can side with him anyway if you want to or even believe that side is right. The other side being Chaos represents Freedom and is followed by Lucifer, otherwise known as The Devil and the demons. :p So, what's Neutral? Neutral is a balance of the two somehow and I think represents Humanity as a whole the most, more than the other two. It's a nice path. :) But I think it's also one that doesn't change the way things are, considered canon, yet a new game in the series keeps popping up, with another crisis occurring...

I feel like the whole series kind of makes sense though, and while I'm unsure of what to make of the interpretation of God, I am Atheist partly because I find some things in the bible ironically immoral, or some of the people who follow it are ironically lax or too extreme (I've met people who fit either criteria).

I feel like it's just too discriminating towards certain kinds of people... it's wrong to believe in any other religion but some form of Christianity, and it's wrong to be anything else other than Straight.

It all seems really narrow and confining... there's only true path for everyone to be, which practically makes everyone the same as each other... and if you have another religion (or none) or a sexual orientation outside the norm, you're punished in some way, most likely being that your sent to Hell, which is eternal damnation (punishment). :(

For one thing, the whole thing seems really black and white, with strong moral absolutes. Either your a saint or some kind of monster.

Don't most people have a little bit of both? How can you really be sure what they lean more on, good or bad? I guess sometimes it can be fairly easy to tell, like, either your nice or a jerk, but still... eternity...

And well, I've never seen proof that God exists, and what counts as right or wrong besides what government and society thinks is right or wrong.

And for it seeming weird that God exists, well... they used to be a lot of crazy miracles in the ancient times, thousands or more years ago, right?

How come that doesn't happen now? How could there have ever been a time when the entire world was flooded by the ocean, or possibly crazier, that a man through the power of god split the whole ocean so he can free his people by moving them to the other side? Among many other things...

Does God not have much faith in us anymore? Or does he have faith in us and believe we know better to just use the whole "Seeing is Believing" thing and just already know or remember he exists? Or do desperate times call for desperate measures? Or finally, did something happen to God?

See, I feel like people should just know intuitively, or scientific evidence from cause and effect, what benefits or harms other people, that we should all know what right or wrong is... and that it should feel good to do that right.

Anyways, yeah, I feel like truth is important.

Can anyone really say it would be better to stay as a child when we were all incredibly naive on how the world really works? Or is there actually a point in growing up?

I think... there's a lot of things I learned that I only could have done by growing up that made me a better person... though when everything seemed amazing and new, and easier, things were kind of nice back then too... and yet I think I have a few bad memories from back then too from people unfairly hurting me even when I was a child...

Sigh... I don't know if anything is worth it anymore, but at least I tried to make sense of things... and this is what I believe in.
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Got a couple of random things to say if anyone cares to read them.

Because this is really long though, I think I'm going to split them.

1. Realism is Good?

You know what's weird?

Most of the time, people usually like works of fiction that serve as a form of escape from reality, right?

Well, strangely enough, some works of fiction that are incredibly realistic seem good because their either really relatable or the life lessons, if they are any, can be applied easier and it has more depth.

That's not just me saying that either, these things are various sites like Anime News Network and Gamefaqs have high ratings for them, showing that their obviously critically acclaimed, if not videos on youtube which should have tons of views and likes.

Monster, Welcome to the NHK, Persona, Mother/EarthBound, etc...

Okay, so Persona and Mother/EarthBound have a lot of supernatural and/or wacky sci-fi stuff in it, but the setting is modern. :p

All of these were amazing in a lot of ways...

Welcome to the NHK for one thing is about social anxiety and trying to break out of that mold. I think a lot of people here, being introverts, can relate to it.

For Persona, the third game at least is pretty gothic, but in a way that makes a hell of a lot of sense, and would be downright terrifying if it was real... the end of the world is coming not from any sort of evil entity, but it's because some people actually WANT it to happen. o.O Some people are suicidal and hate life for whatever reason, struck by some odd plague called Apathy Syndrome where they practically like zombies (albeit harmless ones that won't attack you).

The 4th one on the other hand introduced a new weird concept to the shadow/persona system, where gaining your supernatural god, monster, spirit thing comes from facing your own dark side and/or insecurities and accepting them. But first you got to fight them of course, and nobody wants to admit to their flaws that easily. :p But doing so makes them a better person, and makes them stronger in battle too. Power of the heart and all that. ^^; It's kind of like Kingdom Hearts in a way but more mature. :p It's still a really good game despite how corny that sounds... Also, the main plot besides that is trying to stop a serial killer. Oh, and the Gods are still involved in some way, but I think I kind of lost track of what was happening... >_<

And um... hmm...

Monster was an anime about the ultimate hero and the ultimate villain, played in fairly realistic ways.

The hero is someone whose a doctor, so he naturally cares about all life. In the beginning though, they'd be people that need his help which no other doctor for some reason seemed competent enough to do so, in which his boss would tell him to work on certain people who seemed more important to society. For example, the second time he has to choose between two different people, it makes the climax of the whole series, and is rather depressing...

He had to choose between saving the life of the mayor I think or the life of a seemingly innocent little boy. Oddly enough though, this little boy wasn't so innocent... even as a child, he was born, or even raised to be a sociopathic, amoral killer. He almost never shows any real emotion or much expression of one, yet he looks like a pretty boy, making it possible for him to be incredibly deceptive and manipulative. o.O

Also, as heroic as Dr. Tenma tries to be now, he had a lot of realistic flaws in the beginning. He hated how corrupt his bosses and/or coworkers were, caring more about money from their job than saving lives like his profession lead him to believe, and he nearly wanted them all to die, and he even ranted to a seemingly comatose child, being Johan the killer, and also got drunk shortly afterwards.

Many years later, they meet again and he finds out who he is, and Johan tells him he killed the people he wanted to die through poison.

Also, he has a wife who dumped him who later for whatever reason wanted him back, and for reasons I forgot, framed him for being Johan.

Since the whole story seems so unbelievably crazy, no one would believe him either, so poor Tenma gets chased down by the police, mainly Lunge, who act as a sort of middle ground on the moral scale.

Then there's another person named Wolfgang Grimmer... he was raised in the same institute that tried to make kids into child soldiers or something, I think the story takes place in like 90's Germany, or something weird like that... Anyways, he's supposed to be sociopathic too, but turns out to have real emotions underneath it all, which makes him really likable. Despite that though, he also has an incredible amount of rage and strength when pushed to the limit and pretty much acts like the hulk. :p The story calls this "The Magnificent Steiner" I think.

Finally, as for Mother... I'm not really sure how to describe the moral of it. :?

I think... a big aspect of it is just Love. Love for the Earth, Love for the People... and the people who for whatever reason get corrupted by evil, negative emotions and desires...

The third one at least is a typical, but really well-made example of Nature vs. Technology.

Long ago, in the prologue of the game, people used to live in harmony in a peaceful village, and everyone knew each other.

Then one day, someone started turning the animals into chimeras, either mixing them with mechanical parts or other animals, which for whatever reason made them incredibly violent.

To make things even more disturbing, the people were tricked into learning the concept of money by the same people who carried out the crime.

Despite being a kid's game, and in just the beginning, the game is dark and depressing enough for the poor main character whose just a little boy lose his own mother and twin brother. :(

Skip to a few years later and the village starts turning into a town, and people grow distant enough that not even the town seems good enough, so they abandon it for a new, bigger city ruled by the main villain.

One of them even becomes part of the army that the main villain controls. :(

It's all incredibly sad, yet... there's an interview for the third one you can look up that's incredibly touching for someone who spends a lot of time making video games, at least 3 for Mother as a whole (they all have a 5-6 year time gap. o.O).

This guy at least, Shigesato Itoi, wasn't just trying to make a game... he was trying to inspire people to be better and teaching a message. It really got to me. :)

And um... hmm... I forgot what I was going to say. >_<

But yeah, amazing, isn't it? I wish I had more good, realistic stories to get into...

Well, I kind of like Noir surprisingly, I think. I forgot what counted as that, but I think Monster sort of counts, and there's other weird things that were at least KIND OF good, like L.A. Noire and Grim Fandango. I don't know, I can't remember... Well, Grim Fandango was pretty weird anyway, something about the afterlife, and everyone is a skeleton in a world that looks almost entirely like our own, and also... the main character at least is incredibly Hisapnic. :p Manny Calavera! XD

So yeah, sorry if coming up with a general summary takes me a long time to write up... >_< But there you go, stories that are realistic yet really good... which may or may not relate to some of the problems we as a society face now.

I want to get into more serious stuff... but their hard to find. :(
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Time for an OFF post! :D

I came up with a bunch of silly parodies on the five elements in OFF. :p

I hope people find it creative, regardless of whether or not their a fan.

Original (OFF)
("As the first of four's an important element.")
..."Because without smoke (Air), people would have nothing to breathe."
..."Because without metal (Earth), people would have nothing to walk on. They would sink and drown."
..."Because without plastic (Water), the world would have no boundaries. People would walk and walk without ever stopping.
..."Because without meat (Fire), people would have nothing to eat. They would die of starvation, one after another."
"It's a secret element...the fifth element...the most important element...Because without sugar (Spirit), people could no longer bear reality, and they would go mad."

ON (Nature)
("As the first of four's an important element.")
... Because without Fur, people would have nothing to wear. Everyone would freeze or dry until their life runs out."
"... Because without Wood, people would have nothing to build. They'd be vulnerable to the harshness of nature."
"... Because without Clay, people would have nothing to hold water in. The heat would evaporate it in their hands, and they'll die of dehydration."
"... Because without Stone, people would be unable to hunt. Their strength would detoriate, and predators would swallow them whole."
"It's a secret element...the fifth element...the most important element... (Spirit) Because without Religion, they'd be no morals. People would become savages, free to do whatever they want, regardless of consequences."

(Otaku Culture)
("As the first of four's an important element.")
"... Because without J-Pop, people would have nothing to sing. They'd walk the world through endless silence, and nothing would be expressed with satisfaction."
"... Because without Anime, people would have nothing to reference. No memes would be made for people to cherish their memories."
"Because without Cosplay, people would have nothing to idolize. They'd feel worthless about their pitiful existence."
"... Because without Games, people would have no stimulation. They'd take their anger out on others to feel better about themselves."
"It's a secret element...the fifth element...the most important element... Because without Imagination, people would be bored to death, and they'd commit suicide."
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I'm going to Berlin this Sunday and I'm suuuuuper excited beyond belief. Just thought I'd share that. ^^
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So, it seems like Vivid Melody, Talindra, and Ryoukai (Foxface) are all active on here and so is Kurenai, but while I get along fairly well with the first three, or at least agree on some things or like what I post, me and Kurenai are kind of distant from each other...

I hope to meet more nice people on here.
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Thank you everyone for liking my personality quiz! :)

I got another one too if anyone wants to see it.

It's about, erm... pokemon. ^^;

But, well... the question and answers are surprisingly about hypotheticals on real life situations and asking what you would do in that situation, some of them even saying things like a responsible adult (most of these quizzes seem like their written by teens, or even girls given a lot of the girl only quizzes), and they strangely enough have results with biblical references attached to them.

Despite that, the results do use a bit of nerdy humor in them and one question is a typical Pokemon question. :p But for the most part, it's a pretty serious quiz.

I think I'm the most like a Fighting/Dragon or Grass type, maybe Water.

The quiz uses all of the results, but some had to be mixed in to make room. Still, there's 10 whole results, and all but the new X and Y Fairy is in there.

It's funny though by the way, that Psychic is one of my favorite types in the games, but in this quiz Electric/Psychic is probably one of the ones that are the least like me. :?

But like, some of the more benevolent pokemon like Gardevoir seem like a nice, light-based one, although Psychics don't seem to work on Dark and/or Ghost.

The new Fairy type though, as girly as it sounds, are good against Dark and/or Ghost I think and Dragon, so that class is probably really useful.

I don't play the pokemon games anymore since a long time ago and I usually don't look up video walkthroughs of it online, but I read up some things on it, and it used to be one of my favorite things growing up. ^^;

Black and White at least though had a really interesting plot to me next to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and I think N and Cyrus are pretty interesting villains. I suppose Maxie and Archie of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are interesting too, but I'm not sure what to make of the unusual environmental plot (it seems backwards from the whole out of control technology ruining nature thing, and instead out of control nature can cause natural disasters. Um, yeah... kind of weird, but different. :?). Giovanni and Ghetsis are kind of cliche though, you know?

I don't know much about X and Y though.

Anyways, here's the quiz. :)

∞ LINK ∞
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I found a good personality quiz.

It's erm... a Harry Potter one though.

But, like, some of the quizzes on this site are strangely metaphorical to people's personalities like it should be, so it doesn't necessarily relate to the subject that much except for the results.

The questions and answers fit me pretty well, and I found that I'm a Ravenclaw, I think.

What makes this even more interesting is that it's almost like the Enneagram wings or Temperaments, and the second highest result is also important. I've never seen that before...

So, here it is. I hope you'll like it.

∞ LINK ∞
> It's raining. Maybe you should check out the Midnight Channel tonight...
∞ LINK ∞
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Have you ever actually been afraid of the idea of living forever, in this life or the next?

Eternity is a long time, and I'm not sure what to think of what Heaven is really like, a perfect world with no problems...

It doesn't even seem real, sadly... :( This world seems so... boring and mundane. What is there really beyond what we already know?

I wish there was some way to prove the paranormal/supernatural or whatever and it wasn't all bad either, like freaky possession oujia board, demon summoning stuff...

I wonder just what it is that I would want... anything that I personally imagine like a dream, reincarnation, a ghost, etc...

I'm both happy yet terrified of the idea if we only live once, because why it could be freaky to all of a sudden be dead and I'm oddly placed in eternal nothingness, there wouldn't be anything bad afterwards either, and I wouldn't have to suffer from anything. It would just be the end.

... Maybe I think about the end a little too much... I guess I'll get there when I get there.