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I'm going to Berlin this Sunday and I'm suuuuuper excited beyond belief. Just thought I'd share that. ^^
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So, it seems like Vivid Melody, Talindra, and Ryoukai (Foxface) are all active on here and so is Kurenai, but while I get along fairly well with the first three, or at least agree on some things or like what I post, me and Kurenai are kind of distant from each other...

I hope to meet more nice people on here.
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Thank you everyone for liking my personality quiz! :)

I got another one too if anyone wants to see it.

It's about, erm... pokemon. ^^;

But, well... the question and answers are surprisingly about hypotheticals on real life situations and asking what you would do in that situation, some of them even saying things like a responsible adult (most of these quizzes seem like their written by teens, or even girls given a lot of the girl only quizzes), and they strangely enough have results with biblical references attached to them.

Despite that, the results do use a bit of nerdy humor in them and one question is a typical Pokemon question. :p But for the most part, it's a pretty serious quiz.

I think I'm the most like a Fighting/Dragon or Grass type, maybe Water.

The quiz uses all of the results, but some had to be mixed in to make room. Still, there's 10 whole results, and all but the new X and Y Fairy is in there.

It's funny though by the way, that Psychic is one of my favorite types in the games, but in this quiz Electric/Psychic is probably one of the ones that are the least like me. :?

But like, some of the more benevolent pokemon like Gardevoir seem like a nice, light-based one, although Psychics don't seem to work on Dark and/or Ghost.

The new Fairy type though, as girly as it sounds, are good against Dark and/or Ghost I think and Dragon, so that class is probably really useful.

I don't play the pokemon games anymore since a long time ago and I usually don't look up video walkthroughs of it online, but I read up some things on it, and it used to be one of my favorite things growing up. ^^;

Black and White at least though had a really interesting plot to me next to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and I think N and Cyrus are pretty interesting villains. I suppose Maxie and Archie of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are interesting too, but I'm not sure what to make of the unusual environmental plot (it seems backwards from the whole out of control technology ruining nature thing, and instead out of control nature can cause natural disasters. Um, yeah... kind of weird, but different. :?). Giovanni and Ghetsis are kind of cliche though, you know?

I don't know much about X and Y though.

Anyways, here's the quiz. :)

∞ LINK ∞
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The Batter
I found a good personality quiz.

It's erm... a Harry Potter one though.

But, like, some of the quizzes on this site are strangely metaphorical to people's personalities like it should be, so it doesn't necessarily relate to the subject that much except for the results.

The questions and answers fit me pretty well, and I found that I'm a Ravenclaw, I think.

What makes this even more interesting is that it's almost like the Enneagram wings or Temperaments, and the second highest result is also important. I've never seen that before...

So, here it is. I hope you'll like it.

∞ LINK ∞
> It's raining. Maybe you should check out the Midnight Channel tonight...
∞ LINK ∞
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Have you ever actually been afraid of the idea of living forever, in this life or the next?

Eternity is a long time, and I'm not sure what to think of what Heaven is really like, a perfect world with no problems...

It doesn't even seem real, sadly... :( This world seems so... boring and mundane. What is there really beyond what we already know?

I wish there was some way to prove the paranormal/supernatural or whatever and it wasn't all bad either, like freaky possession oujia board, demon summoning stuff...

I wonder just what it is that I would want... anything that I personally imagine like a dream, reincarnation, a ghost, etc...

I'm both happy yet terrified of the idea if we only live once, because why it could be freaky to all of a sudden be dead and I'm oddly placed in eternal nothingness, there wouldn't be anything bad afterwards either, and I wouldn't have to suffer from anything. It would just be the end.

... Maybe I think about the end a little too much... I guess I'll get there when I get there.
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I got some dark but significant things to talk about.

1. Hypocrites

Have you ever had anyone say something terrible about you but then at some point they've admitted to being selfish and/or a jerk to some extent?

I've rarely, but noticeably met a couple of people that were like that...

If that's how they feel about themselves and they don't care to change it, then what gives them the right to say bad things about me?

I at least try to honestly have good or at least understandable intentions and motivations for everything that I do... I don't really want to talk about them though...

Let's just say I at least want to either fit in somewhere or be left alone and not hurt anyone... and if I ever did it was because that person hurt me...

Anyways, moving on to my next topic...

2. Sex as a Status Symbol

Why is so sex so overhyped and important to people nowadays?

Whether it's real life or fiction, it seems more than just a matter of it being "awesome" and everyone wants it in some form, it's like, bad to be a virgin to some people.

If your a virgin, at least past adulthood, your not "cool".

Since when was this such a big deal? It wasn't always like this when people lived more natural lives, right? It's just a society thing, right?

Sometimes I actually feel like I'd be willing to sacrifice what I have like money and possessions (noticeably technology) and live a more natural lifestyle (the country?) if it meant being around better, less shallow people...

I mean, have you wondered what you would rather have, a poor but loving family or a rich but shallow one? How hard would it be to not have all the things modern society produces now, or what we desire?

Sometimes, these things are pretty tempting, but lately I actually find myself rather bored and less motivated to do things and wish I just had people who cared about me, and I could care about them... people to talk to... and I do have a few but I wish I had more, mostly in the real world.

Erm... a few of these details got a bit too personal, sorry...

But yeah, sometimes I wish I could change society or move somewhere else.

Also, I'm wondering if I should put these as thoughts or in the Talk section.
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Vivid Melody
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