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Long story short.
My computer bag got stolen.
It also had a bunch of personal items in it that I'm really attached to... It makes me so mad to see what people are willing to do.
I lost my book. Again. My backups were on usb drives that were in my bag at the time. I'm so stupid.
I also lost my best notebooks, drawings, pencils, and my lucky guitar pick I got from a friend who I really miss.
Whenever I missed her I took out the pick and flipped it over and over and over... It helped. But it's gone, along with all of my other stuff.
Why do people do stuff like that? It's not fair.
My family says that maybe god doesn't want me to write.
Well screw god! I'm going to keep writing anyway, even if my books are not christian. I'll write what I want damn it!
If I want a pantheon of "false" gods in my story I'll have one!
It's my book! I'll write what I want!
What's happening now? Is my account being used for spam AGAIN?
I think it is time for me to leave. I adore this website, or what it was before the incident months ago, but it seems to be run pretty irresponsibly since there's been no effort to raise security, no updates at all, and I STILL have not been allowed to change my password. And seeing every single time I log on that some heartless being has been using my account to troll everyone is horrible. It's something I cannot put up with.
It's been really wonderful meeting you guys. I didn't want to leave so it sucks that it has to come to this. And to whatever stupid hacker keeps using my account: You're a pathetic, immature child who needs to find a worthwhile hobby (aka not hacking accounts of anxiety ridden sixteen year olds) and leave innocent people on a quiet, harmless website alone.
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This may be kind of random, but a handful of random people on Facebook seem to be liking some of my comments on various pages that I liked, even if they were from a long time ago and I've forgotten about them.

Makes me feel pretty good that people are agreeing with me on some level.
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(Copied from Facebook)

I'm going to try to write a poem. I hope it's good...

Freedom of Expression

I don't mean to cause any harm,
so there's no need to be alarmed.
I just want to say what's on my mind,
so these emotions don't leave me entwined.

I don't know why you have to be so offended,
I'm just exercising my right to the first amendment.
I don't know why you have to feel so hurt,
because I'm honestly not trying to,
make you feel less than dirt.

I just want to be free.
I just want to be me.
Please let me be.

(Okay, so I lied about my Nationality and copied the author who made OFF, but I just didn't want to be vulnerable to people like this hacker...)
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Sorry for posting a lot of Thoughts, and making them long too... that's not bothering anyone is it? If so, I'm sorry. :(

Anyways, I found a rather alright quiz on Social Anxiety and want to see what other people get.

I tried my very best to answer the questions the right way and I got 63%. (I hate agree/disagree-true/false quizzes. How am I supposed to know the exact percentage on how certain situations apply to me? I'm not a robot...)

Anyways, here you'll go. :)

∞ LINK ∞

My Result: 63%

Your results suggest some social anxiety. This anxiety does not overwhelm you or prevent you from social contact, however it does inhibit you in some ways. Certain social situations pose a challenge to you. Just try to be confident and you'll do fine. Trust in your abilities and personality.
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I randomly found an ad for an Ace Attorney group on Facebook. XD

Can anyone relate to this? I might be able to relate to a few... but I wouldn't say I'm that obsessive. ^^;

∞ LINK ∞
You know you've been playing too much Phoenix Wright when...

1) You shout objection at every moving thing.
2) You think real trials are like the ones in GS. (I used to...)
3) You spend all your time playing the games. (Nah, I usually only experience things once so I can make room for more new cool things, though that's kind of hard to find, at least for me... though sometimes I'll replay/reread/rewatch something if I'm really bored and/or I like it enough. :p)
4) You dream about anything concerning GS. (Sometimes I have dreams like this... ^^; But I'm not sure if I had an Ace Attorney one or not before...)
5) You have a list or pairings which you spazz over. (Nah... Pairings are nice, but not the main thing I look forward to in anything I get into. :p)
6) You talk about GS non-stop.
7) You get yelled at for talking about it so much.
8) Your friends are sick of you for talking about it so much.
9) GS has inspired you to become a lawyer. (Sometimes... I think Phoenix makes a pretty good hero actually. :? Except in Apollo Justice, when he was Hobo Dad. XD)
10) Your wallpaper is Phoenix Wright.
11) You join any Phoenix Wright related groups/clubs.
12) You can talk non-stop about GS with other fans online.
13) You write GS fanfictions. (I could if I wanted to.)
14) You draw GS fanart. (I also could if I wanted to, but it probably wouldn't look very good. XD I should really learn how to draw...)
15) You show your GS fandom in anyway possible.
16) You memorized all the GS character's names in japanese. (That's pretty out there. XD)
17) You debate over if Phoenix/Edgeworth is a canon pairing.
18) You always cry at the end of TT, no matter how many times you've played it.
19) You're excited for Gyakuten Kenji, even though it won't come out for a while ( outside of Japan). (Is this a reference to AAI2?)
20) You have theories of what will happen in GS5. (This is old news now, it already came out, I think. XD Pretty sure that's Dual Destinies...)


21) When you slap your hands on your desk at the beginning of every phrase you say.
22) When you annoy you`re parents saying " I want that my brother is as cool as Phoenix Wright ! " and they say "Who, in the world is that guy !"
23) When you can name all the cases and the victims in them. (That is also pretty out there. XD But I still remember the victim of the very first case, it's Cindy Stone. :p)
24) When you play an instrument you learn all the songs from GS
25) When you say start using PW and AJ characters as examples in Lit essays.
26) When you cry "a moment" for each of your explanations prof math.
27) When you insist "evidence is everything" in arguments :P (No, but this might actually be true, so what the heck. XD)
28) When you dress up as one of the characters for Halloween. (Well no, but eh, what else is there to dress as? Unless you wanted to be something really scary. :p If only Giygas wasn't such an abstract looking boss, I wonder what it would be like to dress up as him, LOL. XD)
29) When you started drinking coffee because of Godot and have been looking aimlessly for Blend #107. (Actually... I think this is the reason why I drink mocha at least, because Japan makes so many cool "black coffee manly man" characters. >_< There's this guy, and there's also Mr. Hanekoma from The World Ends With You. And... I think there's also Persona with Ryotaro Dojima. And Ken at least, even though he's a boy that tries to be way too mature for his age. :p)
30) When you know how to do the Blue Badger dance perfectly. (Omg. XD)
31) When you shout 'ZVARRI!!!' randomly during conversations with friends. (It's funny how a villain uses this, and the main characters sometimes just borrow it almost like they idolize him. :p Maybe it's catchy, Idk. XD Or maybe it's like... he doesn't have the right or privilege to use it anymore because for one, he's a scumbag, and two, he's arrested, what is he going to do about it? :p Okay maybe that's a little harsh even for a criminal but... I can't really think of any reasons why. :p)
32) When you start thinking that actually, 'Laurice' *cough*Larry*cough* is pretty good at drawing. (LOL. Poor Larry. XD)