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School ended, and my rage stopped when I cried and screamed in school. I feel at peace now, I guess.
Rewriting my book is hard. There's parts that I remember liking a lot, but can't remember word for word.
So most of my "writing" now is me banging my head against the wall and screaming "Damn it! I already wrote this!"
I went into a church today and lit a candle for Iris.
I'm not a religious person, but it felt like the right thing to do.
I feel better. It was nice.
I just stared into the flames for a minute and left. My friends were there too, but they didn't say a word for once. That was nice.
Iris is with the angels now.
I think I can move on with my life.
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This is foxface speaking.

Just a little thing I wrote. It's a bit depressing though, since I was stressed out when I wrote it ^^;; Doesn't really have a title but you guys could suggest one x3
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Long story short.
My computer bag got stolen.
It also had a bunch of personal items in it that I'm really attached to... It makes me so mad to see what people are willing to do.
I lost my book. Again. My backups were on usb drives that were in my bag at the time. I'm so stupid.
I also lost my best notebooks, drawings, pencils, and my lucky guitar pick I got from a friend who I really miss.
Whenever I missed her I took out the pick and flipped it over and over and over... It helped. But it's gone, along with all of my other stuff.
Why do people do stuff like that? It's not fair.
My family says that maybe god doesn't want me to write.
Well screw god! I'm going to keep writing anyway, even if my books are not christian. I'll write what I want damn it!
If I want a pantheon of "false" gods in my story I'll have one!
It's my book! I'll write what I want!
What's happening now? Is my account being used for spam AGAIN?
I think it is time for me to leave. I adore this website, or what it was before the incident months ago, but it seems to be run pretty irresponsibly since there's been no effort to raise security, no updates at all, and I STILL have not been allowed to change my password. And seeing every single time I log on that some heartless being has been using my account to troll everyone is horrible. It's something I cannot put up with.
It's been really wonderful meeting you guys. I didn't want to leave so it sucks that it has to come to this. And to whatever stupid hacker keeps using my account: You're a pathetic, immature child who needs to find a worthwhile hobby (aka not hacking accounts of anxiety ridden sixteen year olds) and leave innocent people on a quiet, harmless website alone.
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The Batter
This may be kind of random, but a handful of random people on Facebook seem to be liking some of my comments on various pages that I liked, even if they were from a long time ago and I've forgotten about them.

Makes me feel pretty good that people are agreeing with me on some level.