Chance Glance!

23 Slovakia INFP
A girl who got lost in a nightmare and, using her own blood, she tried to change it into paradise.
I’m shy, awkward and clumsy. Short somehow-human who loves to hug people but is mostly too insecure to do so. So, cuddles dogs and cats instead.


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ShoutingStressConfusionGuilt trippingAggression

This Site's Purpose

This site is meant as a social network for introverted people, particularly those who've never been interested in Facebook. Unlike Facebook, this site encourages posts about feelings and thoughts above showing off how great a social life you have.

In particular, it will hopefully allow shy, sensitive types to meet others who understand what that's like and who share their values.

How the Site Should Look

The site was designed in Google Chrome, and that's the browser that it looks best in. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer (the bane of all web developers!) render certain parts incorrectly, so certain things might look less pretty in that.

Soul and Body

You will be represented by an image avatar called your 'soul', which should be a graphical depiction of yourself in some way. It can be an abstract collage of images of things you like, an animal that you feel embodies your personality, a piece of art that you made to express yourself... Anything! It should be YOUR PERSONALITY in visual form.
You can also upload a separate photo of your physical human form, called the 'Body' image, but this can only be seen from peoples' userpages by clicking on a button. It's not used to represent you.

The reason for this rather odd arrangement is because this site is meant to focus on the soul over the face, after all, and what you are like inside should be more important than what your fleshy form happens to look like.
Using a photo of yourself as your Soul image would suggest that there's nothing to you beyond what can be seen, that you are shallow... so don't do that!


On your profile page, you have a section called 'thoughts'. Here, you can post comments about whatever's on your mind! Sharing your feelings, opinions or artwork are particularly encouraged. Bragging about some party you've just been to is... not so much.

Other people can reply to your thoughts, and you can also post thoughts directly onto the thoughts page of other people as well. Please use this responsibly!

You're able to view the recent thoughts of the entire community by using the 'Central Feed' link from the People drop-down menu at the top of the page. You can also narrow down the feed to show only people you've +friended by using the 'Friends Feed' link.

Chance Glance

There's a column at the side of every page that shows the information for a completely random member. Maybe it's someone you have absolutely nothing in common with, in which case you can simply ignore it. However, perhaps occasionally you'll notice someone who has similar interests to you, prompting you to investigate their profile further. In that way, it's a good way to meet new people without having to actively seek them out!


You can answer a series of personal questions that will be shown on your public profile. You can use these to explain as much or as little as you like about yourself. Reading the answers to these questions on a person's profile gives you a great indication of how they tick, and whether or not you'd get along!

You can get to the list of questions from the drop-down menu that appears when rolling over your username in the top right. You can pick and choose which ones to answer, if any at all, though if you want to attract the interest of other people, then maybe you should try to answer a few in detail!

Personality Types

In order to help us understand eachother better, this site uses various personality type systems. It's important to keep in mind that these personality systems don't attempt to 'put people in a box'; rather, they're just a convenient label for your natural strengths. Several of them are used, and they all stack on top of eachother because they each explain different facets of the personality.

You can read more about each of them on the Soul Savvy! site that I've set up for that purpose!