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Just another soul going on a search here. I'm very shy and get lost in my own thoughts a lot. Describing myself is not my strong suit.




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Location: Eisen Herz
Eisen Herz
This place is dead, but in a way. That makes it appealing. Because death is as beautiful as life.

I am here, to remember. To review my past posts, and know who I once was. Because I have forgotten. The saddest thing is; I once feared never being remembered. I viewed it as a Sin to forget people, to forget the things they've done or told me. Yet, I forgot myself some where a long the way.

My greatest wish right now, would be to go back through my life, and write down everything people told me. Remember everything Humanity was, to me. If I could hold all the memories of Humanity, so nothing, so no person, is forgotten or left behind. I would, love nothing more.

This post is a recollection, a statement, and a pilgrimage to who I once was, as Human being.

To those who remember me, and stumble upon this place once more; I am no longer intelligent. I am no longer creative. I have no more artistic skills. I have no more poetry. I am no longer strong willed. I am nothing that I was once before.

But today, I have wisdom. I have experience, from building my life, even if it is gone today. I shall use that wisdom, and that experience, to build something new. Tomorrow.

Thus, I shall let go of this place once and for all. A final echo on the wind. My only wish, is that you do the same. But never forget the brilliant lights of those people, you met here. Never forget.