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23 Slovakia INFP
A girl who got lost in a nightmare and, using her own blood, she tried to change it into paradise.
I’m shy, awkward and clumsy. Short somehow-human who loves to hug people but is mostly too insecure to do so. So, cuddles dogs and cats instead.


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Location: Colanopy
EII 6w5 1w2 2w1 RCOAI IAS PhlegmaticMelancholic
19 Australia INFJ 612 28C
I still really love soultome!! Random thoughts:
How do you become natural at things like small talk and everyday actions? I struggle with small talk if it's with people I don't know extremely well, and sometimes I have no idea how to do simple things like walking!!

I'm still in school, so there are so many times when teachers appear with a "hi, how are you" and I can only ever respond with a awkward "uh good." or an "ah,.... hi". It always feels extremely forced and awkward whenever I try to respond/hold a conversation, and I wish I could give a good confident answer. I usually watch my friends and try to learn how they respond, since it seems like it's an automatic and easy thing for some of them.

Also walking - I never know what to do with my hands! They just kind of flop around and I don't know where to put them! It feels really unnatural for me to just put them into my pockets, or to just let them flop, so I sometimes just hold me elbows which also looks pretty unnatural in general. I feel like I look like an idiot sometimes, but oh well!

It'd be nice if this site would be more active :)