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Just another soul going on a search here. I'm very shy and get lost in my own thoughts a lot. Describing myself is not my strong suit.




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What is on my mind? Well... A lot of people got on when there was a new thought in the Feed. I just keep thinking what are we looking for? Why do we still come here? eh... I don't know.

I kinda want to talk about art. I'm like struggling with myself of why don't I like my art anymore? So I had a quick look at my old sketches and thought about what I did. I used to watch Youtube videos of artists and somewhat getting on the background knowledge of how they went. So I thought to myself, why don't I pick this up and do this again?

I'm in the middle of watching a video by Sycra Yasin and uh he's talking about his art struggles. And he's talking about his journey with his friend bobmeatbag because they worked together for many years. Bob brought up a point about your relationship with art. That got me thinking about my unhappiness with it and being very hard on myself to a point where it's not fun. So maybe I guess I'm a month late to uh pick on the tips Colanopy, Moonsoul, and Shadow. I remember I was having fun looking back, though it was hard. I do think a lack of focus of what I want to do with art and having this extreme thought, something of having to do with the only way for my life to work is something with art.

Oh yeah... they also talked about environment. Bob talked about he was pretty much a doodler and thought that going to animation school would be a chore and very taxing to him because he wasn't all that serious with doing art. He found out that it was work, but it's manageable and that you are put into a mindset of working and learning. So I also find that being at home is really hard for me to draw because I don't like drawing in my room because it makes me feel lazy and so I draw at the computer which is in the living room. So then there's people and yeah...

I did however signed up for a class. There is this art studio a couple miles from where I live and I basically walk past it everyday. It was after like 3 or 4 months of actually deciding to go there once I just found out what time classes were. So the class is basically everyone is younger than me but that's okay I guess. And I guess it made me see that I do have some skill when it comes to drawing. I donno... sort of there for the environment. I like it.