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Just another soul going on a search here. I'm very shy and get lost in my own thoughts a lot. Describing myself is not my strong suit.




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I feel like I can not draw anything. Well um... I am drawing, just not up to what I like. Though I am maintaining my commitment to drawing everyday, they are dumb doodles that feels as if I've done nothing. And I prefer if I didn't continue at this state because I don't want to waste paper. I wouldn't call it Art Block because I feel that refers to not knowing what to draw. I usually would resort to just drawing figures over the internets. But I somehow feel like my skill has diminished in some way.

Maybe it's just me not putting in enough time to draw since I'm taking only 30 seconds of the day to do a thing. But the reason I do it because I don't know. I usually draw when I'm alone and there is no sound bothering me. And I guess just being depressed is having an effect too.

I did go over to a friend's house impromptu because I was already away from the house for reasons that are off topic. He has been a long time artist that I met in Middle School. I was looking through his drawings and I really like it. I feel like he has a better base, a starter, than me because I guess if your that young you just doodle anything. It ranges from a multitude of genre: Medieval, Apocalyptic, Steam Punk, Cyberpunk, SciFi, Feudal Japan, Modern. And I guess the underlying theme of all of it is some sort of war or military thing. A whole slew of random characters or fanart of some.

Hm.... I asked him what goes in his head when he draws. He told me he usually stops thinking and just sort of does it. I'm uh.. just sort of thinking of drawings that I've done and uh... Yeah... The drawings that I'm relaxed are the ones that I like. Maybe I'm just too stressed out.
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I think you should draw for the sake of enjoyment and relief, where improvement is kind of like a bonus of lots of practice. I've tried doing daily drawing, but it became too much of a chore, and I found I spent less and less time each night drawing things, (but that might just be me getting lazy ^^).

Sometimes, just the process of drawing can make me feel better than the actual drawing itself :) I personally love the feeling of the pen just flowing across the paper, and I often just draw random swirls in my spare time. Sometimes, I just keep adding until it turns into anything, and this generally makes me feel the most relaxed.

Also it might be easier if you try to draw what you feel at the time, because drawing is a great way to express emotion!!
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I feel like time is definitely a big importance to producing a quality kind of finish that you might be looking for. Sure, drawing daily is a great way to condition yourself and getting used to consistency, but personally, I find my favorite art is the kind that I was really slow with. Sometimes I'll start something with a big idea, and just spend as much time as need to until I burn out, even if it's not finished. I can pick back up on it later, even though there's a chance I will lose the feeling I had when I started it.

I've always pictured inspiration and creativity as a sort of "art fuel" that builds up over time, and can be used up or burnt out. You can train yourself to build the stamina to work on projects for longer periods of time. However personally, the problem I've had with drawing daily is it uses up that "art fuel" fast, and doesn't give enough time for enough of a need to build up for a bigger project. Daily drawings have their pros and cons, and you can use it to develop in the direction you want to go, but I wouldn't be too hard on yourself if you can't finish an idea in one day. Bigger pieces take time, and thought, as well as risk (because you might drop the idea halfway through). That's totally fine though. You don't need to produce to impress, go your own pace ^^. And tons of dumb doodles are perfectly fine as well. You can draw as much or as little as you feel like.

I've found once you start to learn to make your own judgements with my art, and accept that some days just don't produce, or won't impress, you start to feel more comfortable and confident with what you make and how long it takes. I think worrying alot about what people will think, or impression puts alot of pressure and can overwhelm alot of artists.

eep thats alot :0 sorry I kind of rambled. I really like talking about art.
Not sure am I too late for this, and not really sure am I in a position to give advice to you, since I failed my art class in last year and I am still hiding in the toilet...
So I am currently learning Chinese paintings, and I find that usually I draw best when I think and don't think about it, I know that sounds odd, but like if you don't think at all and draw, you don't have a goal, but then if you think too much about it, you actually block your creativity from coming out. I find that some of my best paintings are ones that I don't think about while doing them.
Thinking about it, what I am saying are very surface and brief, :(, I am sorry.
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I understand what you are trying to say. When I look back at my old drawings there are some that I like. And I somehow felt frustrated at how did I do that. And I try to think about what I did and I just didn't think. It just only came that way to be. You reminded me of this quote by Ray Bradbury, an author, saying something like "Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity..."