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I am a teenager who has had much emotional pain in the past and i have a Martyr complex. I like learning about the mind and other sciences and came here to find a non-hostile environment to be in.


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soultome is a social network for introverts.

All humans have social needs, even those of us who are naturally introverted. It's just that as introverts, we have different kinds of social needs to the extroverts of the world.

Everyone is different, of course, but many introverts prefer a small number of deeper friendships with kindred spirits over many casual acquaintances. Meaningful bonding over loud parties.

It can be difficult for shy and reclusive types to actually encounter these like minds, however, because we're all hiding!

This site aims to bring these people together.

Find meaningful connections!

The soul, not the surface!
While Facebook seems to largely be about showing off your active social life and exciting and adventurous hobbies - essentially putting on an impressive face, a shiny facade - this place is more about a person's *soul*; what makes them tick, what they're like at their core, how they feel about things, what they do in their quiet, alone time.

As such, a person's artwork, writing or simply their thoughts, feelings and dreams are given much more value here than a photo of them in a bikini at the beach.

Somewhere to belong

An oasis of sensitivity!
In particular, this site will ideally become a place where sensitive, introverted people who've always felt they didn't fit in elsewhere, who always felt somehow different from everyone else, can find kindred spirits and a community that allows them to feel like they can truly belong!

It's for naturally empathetic, emotional, idealistic people to be surrounded by others who feel similar, who can offer understanding and support. It IS NOT a place where tough, critical people unfamiliar with sharing their feelings can come to have a place to do that, or to learn how.